If you are a parent looking for self confidence and self esteem for you child, and to develop the ability to stand up 
        for themselves and become bully proof, you've stopped at the right web page.
        Lawler's Kenpo Karate is different, we realize the importance of developing positive kids in a negative world.
We do this by developing black belts from the inside out. Or, if you are an adult searching for the best in fitness
        and self defense, try our introductory program and we'll make a plan to help you reach your goals!

                       Since 1992 Lawler's Kenpo Karate's mission has been to provide families with the best Martial Arts 
        and Fitness Training possible. Our professional, friendly atmosphere offers a pressure free, fun and safe
        environment to train.

                   Our programs include: Kenpo Karate for Children and Adults, Private Karate lessons for Adults and 
        Children, Personal training and Cardio Kickboxing, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Escrima.  
Our Self Defense course has been taught by Professor Lawler at West Chester University of PA. 
Department of Kinesiology since 1999!  

        We specialize in Personalized Self Defense Programs for small or large groups.


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