The hottest workout in America.

If your goal is to lose weight, stay in shape and get toned this is the class for you. Kickboxing can burn an amazing 800 calories per session!

Fitness Kickboxing has been sweeping America as one of the best ways to keep in shape, burn calories, have fun, and learn self defense skills that could help you in a real life situations.

Fitness Kickboxing combines an aerobic workout with the punches of a boxer and kicks of a karate expert. This high-intensity workout combines martial arts and boxing skills with aerobic exercises designed
to burn many calories.

--burn fat
--tone those muscles in the hips, butt and thigh areas
--firm up those abs
--have a blast

You will feel empowered and develop increased motor coordination
by striking targets like heavy bags, kicking shields and hand target pads.

And best of all you can wear the workout clothes you feel comfortable wearing!

" Gail's Kickboxing class is awesome!
                   She's my mentor, she's got such energy!
                           No two of her classes are ever the same
                                    Kickboxing is a total body workout."

                                                                          -- Student Shawn Palladino

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