Mr. Mark Lawler
Professor Mark Lawler is a eighth degree black in Kenpo Karate. He began his training in 1979 at American Karate Studio in Wilmington Delaware, where he taught for 12 years rising to Head Instructor under Pat Caputo. He also competed actively in the 1980's into the early 90's. Mark was a personal student of Joe Palanzo from the time of Ed Parker's death until 2003, he also has trained with Kenpo Masters Frank Trejo and Huk Planas.
Since that time, Mark has trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Kickboxing, Bando and Escrima.

Mark has has owned and operated Lawler's Kenpo Karate in Kennett Square Pa. since 1992.

A well known representative of Kenpo, Mark has taught many seminars in the eastern USA and Canada, formerly for the WKKA, and now independently. From 1995 to 2003, Mark served as Chief Arbitrator for the
Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association as well as Co Captain of the WKKA National Demo Team.

In 1999, Mark was a consultant to former St. Louis Rams head coach Dick Vermiel on the use of Martial Arts based drills to enhance the performance of Pro football players.

Since 1999, Professor Lawler has been with West Chester
University of Pennsylvania where he teaches in the department of Kinesiology. His classes include Strength Training, Personal Self Defense and Karate.Mark's knowlege of  Martial arts, weight training and fitness have made him a sought after Personal trainer.

An accomplished guitarist, Mark recorded an instrumental guitar album titled ZERO HOUR in London England for AVN Records in 1990. His  band MELTDOWN was featured on local radio and in the Netherlands in the late 1980's. Mark continues to perform and record with his band in the Philadelphia area.

Ms. Gail Lawler

Gail has been involved in health and fitness throughout her childhood and professional career.

From high school track and field hockey to professional Bodybuilding during her college years ,Gail won the Looking Fit Contest at the University of Delaware in 1986. She has also trained in Kenpo Karate since 1990, achieving the rank of 4th degree black belt in 2005.

Thru the 1990's, Gail trained extensively in Boxing with former national heavyweight champion Henry Milligan. Health clubs and fitness professionals have sought after Gail for certification in her Cardio Kickboxing program, and well as her philosophies on diet and exercise.

As a Registered Nurse Gail currently works at Riddle Hospital as an Intravenous specialist.
These qualities coupled with her expertise in nutrition, make Gail a leader in the world of Martial arts and Fitness instruction.




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